Personally, I do not really believe in the complete concept of breaking letters. For me, there is no better way to separate from a person than to confront them and tell them directly that the relationship is over. Actually, I had some friends who had problems after sending letters of separation from their boyfriends, because the boys simply could not accept the words contained in the lyrics.

I had a friend in particular, whose boyfriend she broke up with through a letter I really thought the letter was a joke! When the boy found out that he already had a new relationship, the guy was scattering stories that my friend had two shifts! My friend was scared when the stories came to her, of course. But then I told her that part of it was also her fault, because she chose to write a letter instead of just facing it. If she had only confronted him, everything would have been clear from the beginning. It would be understandable if girls preferred to write farewell letters to such men, instead of confronting them, because confrontation could endanger girls. In fact, there are cases in which a man would become violent the moment the girl broke up with him. At least, with separation letters, the girls would have the luxury of distancing themselves from their partner.

I believe that the same concept of being simple should apply when writing separation letters. Since you will no longer be confronting the person, the least you can do is perhaps go straight to the point. Of course, you would need to establish some kind of foundation, but try not to sweeten things. A break is a break, whether through a letter or not.