When I go on vacation abroad I try to speak as little as possible in Hebrew, but it turns out that if I had behaved differently, I would have discovered some wonderful words in our rich language. David Eshel, who is fondly remembered for writing about the Hebrew dialect, demonstrates in the next section how amusing and rich the Hebrew language can be when you take it for a little trip abroad. This is also Hebrew by David Eshel, who moved to the place of Tarminel, the aforementioned "'Mussof", called Tandar, not as a word of "'time". In the courtroom, it was revealed that we felt better, and that the object was realized, because the apricot was called "'Akdamam".

The kittigrang fell and said, thank you! Thanks to the meal. We received a salad in the salad and the stewardess made the salad. ''Salt', please check the steak in the middle and in the middle is the approach. I would say to her that she did not touch her, because she had a piece of meat, as in the words'. I asked for a drink and a biscuit for the legress and the steward, sativa and ''marqu''a', is it even a souk for the ladies' wives? Yes, as a matter of fact, in order to discount the ''memorandum'.

In front of the oppository, a warrior who, in the Hebrew language, is called "'my son," he has become a labyrinth in the midst of this day''s sickness, to which I do not belong, "'Sheduleh".

He is sitting with the Tablat, the beginning of the Nakba, ''the thinker'. I saw a deodorant and told me that I was a woman. ''Al-Rahih!' I do not know what I mean, I do not know what I mean, I do not know what to say,. Scrno Kron Nid, Dirh with motor Amrh me Asti, Sscrno ''caravan', Bksti Lbdk At gauge Hkilomtrz '' and Hia Amrh, Smd H''nsoah ''Tkoa, not Zz, Hsti weary and Bksti ice cream with Ktzft Amrh Hash, Do you have G''t -lg wit ''Iaft, Haromh belonging to Hglidh Hith not tune H''bsmt' Hiith Mms Aimh, fee is Hiith Mms Srhon and Hsti Bblk-Aaot wit ''Hscon, Hslcti At Hglidh Labro made of Clb Lb and Kniti Milk-Sik Hnkra ''Ktzif milk, copper Mzdmn Brcni Lslom and Bido Sokr Hsmli wit' whack ', and opening he Ntn me Lhbin Satzlo Bmdinh Fslt Motzkh Mslicim B''mtmnh'.

My wife is a faithful woman, and she is saved in the ''exile', which is a great picture. Htis correspondent, Sbartzno Nfla Haklim and Smano Mid Kolololo Dhino ''Tzhlolim, Brka Hsma Neither do Singl novel and Cmobn, Sh''hdsir' Hzh, to us Hkds, Btisot belonging to El-upon Mgisim Bsimt ''Zmrir, namely, Tsdir Frsmt. Hbanu white gift ''fsikhh' and khshb shzu bdikhh see omrnu: Dawn tshb white zuhi ''fsikhh' calendar tsbeim mgun, brother Request Card lhufeh Scheel nint but hbanu Lu ''glgnue' he kurkint. Our daughter came to Rome and we called her and she thanked us, the "'idol". We are sorry that we had a bug.