One of the main reasons why people start smoking, especially teenagers, should be accepted by their peer group. Smokers make up less than 22% of the world's population. Recognition by this minority group should no longer be an acceptable reason for someone to start smoking. In fact, social acceptance now begins to be one of the main reasons, in addition to health, for people to stop smoking.

A smoker not only damages his body and mind, but also annoys the other members of the family. The smoker ruins the healthy environment and the mental satisfaction of others. Smokers are now continually harmed by their addictive habit. Most workplaces in the Western world have smoking rules of some kind. Restaurants around the world have similar types of rules. For many years, the tourism industry has penalized smokers in one way or another. If you were a smoker, you could not do it on a plane. Smoking rooms in hotels are merely functional by nature or sometimes have an additional cost to cover the additional cleaning costs and, in most cases, still contain the strong residual odors of cigarette smoke.

A new trend in the labor market is that employers are starting to hire only non-smokers. It has been shown that smokers cost the company more money through lower productivity, as well as taking more sick days in a year. Insurance companies are penalizing companies that hire smokers by increasing their premiums; This premium is also transferred to non-smokers, causing resentment. Other costs such as increased cleaning could also be taken into account for employers' decision to stop hiring smokers.

Smokers are discriminated against in public places, especially where children may be present. Sporting events, public buildings and other large meeting places are mostly smoke-free areas. A noticeable change in attitude toward this discrimination is seen in the smokers themselves. They have come to accept that what they are doing affects not only themselves, but also those around them. Smokers tend to ask their friends if they can go out to smoke when they visit their homes, or if they just do not smoke in front of them.

It is very rare to see a couple dating these days, where only one of them is a smoker. In general, smokers have appointments with smokers and non-smokers with other non-smokers; if you consider that only a fifth of the population smokes, this can make it difficult for a smoker to get involved romantically.

With all this discrimination against smokers, combined with all the health data, you would begin to wonder why someone would start smoking in the first place.