This article will discuss colonic irrigation. This is based on the experience of a friend of mine who recently did colonic irrigation.

She has just done the colon irrigation and has never felt as good as she did after that. She felt wonderful for about three or four days and then never came back for the rest of her appointments.

She said that for those of us who are verbal, the total feeling can be quite alarming at first. Your peristaltic muscle should not have worked because it took the doctor more than an hour to let the water in before something happened to it.

It was painful for her when she finally purged things, but again she can not find the words to say how wonderful she felt afterwards.

Since then he has been on guafenesin for his CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome - a disorder generally defined by persistent fatigue, not relieved by) / FM (fibromyalgia - a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain) / MPS ( myofascial pain syndrome - a condition characterized by severe chronic pain) and she has just finished a year and can not say that she has really done anything. Then he wants to go back to the colon hydrotherapy and restart it.

By the way, he said that colonic irrigation is different from an enema. An enema reaches only the sigmoid colon, which is the lower 8 to 12 inches of the intestine. Colonic hydrotherapy allows water to travel along the large intestine.