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9 communication skills that everyone must know

Over time we accumulate many experiences and learn how to act, but we do not always manage to acquire all

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New research: This is the one thing that will improve your sex life

The way to a more fulfilling sex life requires effort, but different from what you might think, according to

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15 Common mistakes in interpersonal communication

In school we have never been taught how to communicate correctly with people, and if the situation were different our

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6 Tips for dealing with short communication in front of each person

Already in the early years of our lives we learned that communicating with others has a decisive weight in our

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Dps R K Puram East of Kailash in Tie-up With Julia Gabriel

Delhi Public School R. K.# Puram and East of Kailash, two of the leading schools of the city, have

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7 The changes couples need to make to stay happy over time

Long-term parity, one in which you go hand in hand with the same person for many years, can? And even

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7. Take time

Naturally, sex at the age of 60 or 70 is not like sexual intercourse at the age of 20, but

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The 10 most powerful things you can say to your children

Part of the parental responsibility is to be aware of what we say to our children or their presence, because

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10 Tips for Effective Communication with Older Parents

There are many things that are inevitable and out of our control, like the progress of time that causes many

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Sufficient to peeling: The surprising benefits of lemon peel

It is not clear who said "lemon adds a lot", but it is certainly right: lemon is a popular

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