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Monosodium glutamate - what does it mean?

Monosodium glutamate is a very popular supplement in the food industry and some call it the "fifth flavor". As

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What is food sensitivity, what are its symptoms and what is the revolutionary solution for identifying and treating it?

Food is one of the things we all know we can never give up? After all, this is first of

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10 leading solutions for food inquiries in children

As a parent, most of us are familiar with the following scenario: The child sits down to eat the lunch

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10 tips for freezing food in the right way

In the past, food could not be maintained for long because there was no way to cool it properly. Fortunately

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How the cooking affects the nutritional value of the food

We all want to know that the food we eat is healthy and nutritious, but as you probably know, the

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Researchers: Fast food has not become healthier in the last 30 years

The health revolution that has been taking place in recent years and the growing awareness of proper nutrition have led

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Heartburn habits and how to avoid them

Each of us experiences occasional heartburns, but there are those who experience them more frequently. Burning sensation is unpleasant and

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Guide to correcting mistakes in cooking and baking food

Cooking and baking are not just a hobby or a profession, but eating is a daily existential need for each

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Grandmothers recommend: domestic ways of preserving food

Canned food often sounds like something negative, contrasting with freshness and less healthy. The reason for this is that the

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7 Kinds of Weight-reducing Food in Winter

It Is Cold in Winter, the Human Body Needs Enough Food to Come the Function Resists the Cold, the Food

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